Learn exactly how to use surveys so that you are talking to the right prospects to quickly close more sales!


Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable, Pushy or Spammy Sales Tactics FOREVER!

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Start attracting pre-qualified leads to you via strategic surveys. Use their answers to present and sell in a non-pushy manner.

Our program shows you how to use strategic surveys and feedback messages to connect you with the right people, making the selling process super easy, down-to-earth, and effective!

What You'll Learn in Surveys To Sell & Feedback To Close:

  • Attract Qualified Leads: Use surveys to draw in leads genuinely interested in your offerings.
  • Build Real Connections: Engage your audience with personalized interactions based on their survey feedback.
  • Focus on the Best:¬†Focus only on those most likely to purchase and benefit from your product or service.
  • Appointment Success: Turn potential clients into actual sales with our simple appointment strategy.
  • Non-Spammy Solutions: Use the strategies & tactics to be seen as someone people actually want to do business with.


What you're Getting When You Enroll Today:

#1) Example Survey Questions to Get You Started Fast - A selection of ready-to-use survey questions designed to attract leads and gather valuable feedback.

#2) Complete Library of Training Videos & Lessons:

  • "Why Create Surveys or Registrations" - Insights into the importance of surveys and registrations in identifying and engaging potential customers.

  • "What Information Should I Collect and Why" - Guidance on selecting the right data to collect through your surveys for impactful sales strategies.

  • "How to Create an Effective Survey on Jot Form" - Step-by-step instructions on using Jot Form to craft surveys that get responses.

  • "What To Do After You Receive The Survey Registration" - Strategies for acting on survey data to close sales effectively.

  • "Why Feedback" - Exploring the role of feedback in refining your product or service and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • "Tie The Feedback To Other Items" - Techniques for integrating feedback into your sales and product development processes.

  • "Feedback Tips and Integrations Steps PDF Printable" - A downloadable guide with additional tips and step-by-step integration strategies for leveraging feedback.

Plus, receive these valuable bonuses:

  • Bonus - Time-saving strategies and insights to enhance your survey creation process for even faster and more effective results.

  • Bonus - "How to Clone a survey with Jotform" - A practical guide to duplicating surveys for different audiences or purposes, maximizing your time-savings.
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