Yes, I want the Secret 5-Step Formula!

Inside The Secret 5-step formula to Non-Pushy Sales, You’ll Discover... 

  • Step-by-step instructions for attracting pre-qualified leads TO you.
  • How to weed out those who are not interested. Saving you time and heartache.
  • How to use strategic surveys, so the potential client is telling you exactly what they want help with. Saving you both time.

  • Ways to be seen as the expert, which makes it simple to convert leads into paying clients FAST.

  •  Understand how focusing on strategic serving through problem-solving will not only increase your sales but increase referrals and your client retention as well.
Yes, I Want This Secret 5-Step Formula!


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-Theresa R.
"How she teaches it has simplified my life so much because it's like every aspect of your business."

"I use Blessing Method. It's a recipe. It's made a huge difference in my business. It's a proven system that works."

"You have given me new energy for my business! I’ve spent too much money on programs that just didn’t lay it out so simply. Thank you."

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"So beneficial. I believe you help so many people. Just wonderful."

-Monica D.
"I took this class to improve my sales and this class has definitely helped me increase my sales and overcome objections!! I love how Erika V is so great at helping you work the problem and determines solutions!! She's great and I look forward to taking other classes with her!!"