If you’re attending local events but struggling to follow up or convert leads into paying customers…this is for YOU!

Master Vendor Events: Learn How To Collect Leads The Right Way And Naturally Follow Up With Them To Turn "Names" Into Paying Customers.

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Turn “I don’t know what to say…”...into “I can’t believe how much I got paid!”

Inside The Complete Guide to Successful Vendor Events, You’ll Discover...

  • Why are you Attending?: Understand the purpose and goals of attending vendor events to attract paying clients and gain valuable leads.
  • Prep for the Event: Learn essential tips of what to pack and how to set up your booth/table before the event to make a lasting impression.
  • During the Event: Master the art of connecting with attendees, using interactive elements like spinning wheels and guessing jars…all to capture interested leads.
  • After the Event: Get my ‘magical scripts’ for following up without feeling awkward - turning the leads into paying customers.
  • And as a Bonus: you'll get printable checklists for everything above along with some more valuable tips to help you grow your business.

Transform your approach to vendor events and boost your sales TODAY!

Get the “Complete Guide to Successful Vendor Events” Here

Our mission with the Non-Pushy Sales and The Blessing Method:

I created the 5-step Blessing method of doing business in a Non-Pushy manner many years ago because I was afraid of being a bother and coming across as salesy. I knew that I had a great product and service but I needed the potential client to uncover this I followed these steps at age 19 when I opened a salon and taught this to my team to sell packages and products. I used this message when I sold cars and trucks. Used it again in my corporate position of traveling around to underperforming weight loss service/retail centers around the country to increase revenue and retention when dealing with an emotional subject.
I then used this in Direct Sales and in my consulting business and people kept asking me How are you selling soo much in a short amount of time
The reason I had to share is- Most people waste valuable time trying to figure out the exact steps to increasing leads, sales and retention, they often overcomplicate it and miss steps. I had to share the simple steps.
The reason why I am sought after is the simplicity in which I teach, Step by Step, the why and the how. 

Erika Vassell- Queen of Non-Pushy Sales
Creator of the Blessing Method , Surveys to sell and many How to Courses so you can Simply get into action
Get the “Complete Guide to Successful Vendor Events” Here

Remember, attending vendor events is your gateway to unlocking a treasure trove of leads and paying customers. Get your hands on the Vendor Events PDF now!


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