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Discover how to attract pre-qualified leads to you and convert them into clients for life today using the simple 5-step proven Blessing Method. 

Inside Is the Step by Step Secret Formula for Non-Pushy Sales!

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Inside The Secret 5-step formula to Non-Pushy Sales, You’ll Discover...

  • The Blessing Method for attracting pre-qualified leads to you. Weeding out those who are not interested. Saving you time and heartache.
  • How To Strategic surveys, so the potential client is telling you exactly what they want help with. Saving you both time.
  • You are seen as the expert, which makes it simple to convert leads into paying clients FAST
  •  Making sure you have understood how focusing on strategic serving through problem-solving will not only increase your sales but increase referrals and your client retention as well. This will prevent you from working out of emotion and coming across as pushy .

Imagine having a recipe to follow each day no more guessing.

Yes, I want the Secret 5 Step Formula!

Our mission with the Non-Pushy Sales and The Blessing Method:

I created the 5-step Blessing method of doing business in a Non-Pushy manner many years ago because I was afraid of being a bother and coming across as salesy. I knew that I had a great product and service but I needed the potential client to uncover this I followed these steps at age 19 when I opened a salon and taught this to my team to sell packages and products. I used this message when I sold cars adn trucks. Used it again in my corporate position of traveling around to underperforming weight loss service/retail centers acorund the country to increase revenue and retention when dealing with an emotional subject.
I then used this in Direct Sales and in my consulting business and people kept asking me How are you selling soo much in a short amount of time
The reason I had to share is- Most people waste valuable time trying to figure out the exact steps to increasing leads, sales and retention, they often overcomplicate it and miss steps. I had to share the simple steps.
 The reason why I am sought after is the simplicity in which I teach. Step by Ste the why and the how. 

Erika Vassell- Queen of Non-Pushy Sales
Creator of the Blessing Method , Surveys to sell and many How to Courses so you can Simply get into action
Yes, I want the Secret 5 Step Formula!

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