1 Year of Social Media Content (personal/page/groups) Just 81 Cents per day - Pay In Full

$297.00 USD

Guess What? Around 81 cents per day.

You won't have to waste any more time figuring out what to post on Social Media. Including your client groups. Hallelujah!

Strategic content is designed to create curiosity and attract people to you.

  • 1 Month of Detailed Month Specific Social Media posting Ideas. Delivered to your portal/app each month for 1 year.
  • Minimum of 2 Ideas per Day Copy/Paste and edit. You will need to add your pictures. Because if everyone uses the same images, it will affect your algorithm.
  • Social Media Guide to getting the most out of the content.
  • If you are following the #BlessingMethod, move to step 2 after you have attracted people to you with your social media posts.

What People Are Saying:

I have had success in Erika's course. I have only completed one so far but my business is being blessed by it! She had no nonsense way about her way of explaining her process! This has been a game changer!


I have been in sales for 20 years and my mind has been altered forever!! Her #blessingmethod has started a journey in my business that I would have never known about had I not taken her courses. This course has given me the confidence to show up differently online. Also, in how to run my business my way and not anyone else's. She has turned everything upside down in my mind but I absolutely needed it to grow!


Erika V is an amazing trainer. Her #blessingmethod really resonates with me . The surveys have clarified how I work with my clients and have made it so much simpler to give prescriptive suggestions without overwhelming people!


I took this class to improve my sales and this class has definitely helped me increase my sales and overcome objections!! I love how Erika V is so great at helping you work the problem and determines solutions!! She's great and I look forward to taking other classes with her!!


I have received 55 comments, likes, and loves, 7 are leads. They would have been overlooked had Erika not taught me how to use social media effectively.


You have given me new energy for my business! I’ve spent too much money on programs that just didn’t lay it out so simply. Thank you.


I use Blessing Method. It's a recipe. It's made a huge difference in my business. It's a proven system that works.


I love love love not having to think about what will I post. With Erika's guide, I can pre-plan my month. Thank you, Erika V


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Special Invitation to The How To Business Bootcamp start for $47 or pay in full and Save plus receive a 20-minute Strategy Session with ErikaV

What you'll get 

    • How to create, edit and elevate your Facebook personal profile to link to your business, edit or create your business page, and edit or create your group for success
    • How to market your business outside of the box with proven strategies
    • Learn how to write and Create effective scripts
    • Learn how to Network online effectively vis events the how-to and why to convert leads into bookings
    • Finally set up your Business email portal. With Templates and more
    • How to use Canva to create out-of-the-box marketing and top elevate your business 
    • Facebook Community for support


  • App/ Portal and Facebook Community
  • LIFETIME access

Or pay in full and Save plus bonuses here www.howtobusimessbootcamp.com